ronald aveling

Who am I?

If brevity were a monkey on my back I would say that I am a Sentience Enthusiast at heart. I spend most of my time inhabiting the climes of Hobart (Tasmania) and Los Angeles (California).

I attempt to navigate my days bartering with the cosmos in exchange for artifacts and phenomena that are replete with the (ever-changing) currency of meaning. History is littered with a small yet well intentioned trail of "my" artifacts; they exist in a spectra of physical and experiential media such as Art, Music, Moving Images, Cuisines and Words.

My formal schooling includes an Honors degree in Visual Arts from the Australian National University and a Graduate Certificate in Spatial Information Architecture from RMIT University, yet I've learned lessons of far greater import beyond the containments of these silos.

I have been successful in monetizing my talents across a wide range of contexts and institutions including Offerman Woodshop, The Exploratorium, The Australian Center for the Moving Image, West Office Exhibition Design and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

So -why are you here?... Lets talk!